Monday, November 17, 2008

iPod-ed speed

Once upon a time my iPod was a mixture between an iFriend and a PodBoy. Things are different now. Now it's just a damn bastard that deserves to be killed. (I might buy a new one and donate this to Cinna but she doesn't really understand how to use things so it might be pointless.) But I have endured the 50 millionth time of reset and have now filled it with the most angry screaming guitarish teenagey rock I could find on my computer and external drive. And all because I happened to 'fall' over Jimmy Eat World's new album over the weekend. Oops. (edit - turned out be rather pants so lucky it was 'free'.) That and the fact that I went for a run after work and realised that if I'm ever going to get back to where I used to be I'm going to plug my ears with the pules that runs through my body.

So I need to get back to my former glory. And I'm not just talking about running, but I'm talking about ribs, a chest like Gav's -i.e pert but with slightly larger breasts (or quite a lot larger - about a hand full), tiny H&M trouser that don't need to squeezed into but rather hang of hips. Hips where hipbones are actually protruding and not hidden in blubber. Hipbones that are screaming out for a tattoo. What happened? Actually I know what happened and I don't want to go there.

I have 5 weeks before I stand in front of my mother's scrutinising eyes. She told me when I saw her in July that I was fat. Now I'm not an expert but I would not recommend telling someone who self-purge one day and starves the next only to then gorge the following (what can I say - could never make up my mind to which was the best one - mix and match) that she is fat. But what do I know.

Now, not only do I have to ensure that my mother shuts up when I see her, but I also need to get fast. And this is not really about being skinny. It's about the fact that I'm in such a crap shape. I used to run mile upon mile without a problem but now it's like fighting the tide or something. It's frustrating. Not even looking at the nice asses (because a) I like a nice ass on a man and b) I had enough of assless men after my last one) of the very good looking men (remembering that I believe flirting in the gym is wrong) makes me go faster. Andrei and I agreed to do a 10k after Christmas but that's fun run, what's the point? Besides, he's legs are like 5 meters so no way can I keep up.

My posture is fantastic as the moment, thanks to medde, and my breathing is good and striding too, so I just need to get the speed and stamina back. Just. Right...

So it is what it is. And with the iFriend reset, filled to the brim with my favourite rock... I'm running that bastard marathon in less than 4 and a half hours! And I will have ribs and slinky hips again! Just watch me!

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