Monday, November 10, 2008

Anna's Ramblings, the sequel

So, after having kept my mouth shut for what feels like forever it's now time to reopen the ramblings. Not because I have important things to say, because I never had, but because I miss going on and on and on about shoes, and my knee, and cockpossums, and running and debauchery, and shoes, and all sorts. Aren't you all lucky?!

And also because I'm about to embark on my dream - I'm going to New York to be a writer for 10-12 weeks! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, the excitment! Though just had a conversation with Sneaky Sneak (who no longer is a sneak of course), and we all know that self will most likely hang around doing not much most of the time. That and doing her best to charm the emotionally retarded.

Joking aside, she will finish her god damn novel and get a god damn publisher and god damn it!

For the record, to my previous readers, I'm not the same moany black bitchy person I used to be. I'm one of those happy people with nothing to complain about. Which will make me a bad writer so after the conversation had with S, I am now taking up smoking and drinking again (what a super bad idea to give it up in the first place!) and getting out the rusty razor for some artful tracing. I still remember how to do all these things. Lucky me.

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