Monday, November 10, 2008


My pornography that is. One of my favourite things. Shoes.

On my way to meet a friend after work this evening I happened to walk past Schuh. And I just had to go in for just a second. And as I looked around, with no intention to touch or to buy, I though to myself if I don't go to New York I can buy a hell of a lot of shoes. Which last longer, shoes or New York?

I mean just look at this!!! How can I go on living without owning this beautiful peace of art? What is 2.5 months in NYC when I could walk around in rainy Londres in these? Who cares about my writing if I have shoes like these?

Also have to have

Any many many more.

Is my need for shoes more important that my need to go to New York to live as a writer? Tricky tricky tricky!

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