Friday, February 20, 2009

screaming kids, meditation and ginseng

You're not allowed to say things to others children, or make faces at them, or help with their general upbringing when they're behaving like bloody brats. No, as a member of the public you just have to smile and be forgiving. But honestly, when I at 7.30 this morning had to listen to a brat screaming the DLR down and demanding that she get my seat I seriously wanted to tell that child to suck it up and learn that you don't get what you want in life and she'd better get used to it. I actually think it would have been my right and, more importantly, duty to help this clearly incapable mother to raise her child to be a useful member of society and not a whimpering snotty pain in the ass. O

bviously to make the kid shut up I offered my seat to it in the end. And the mother had the nerve to say to the kid that a lot of people are grumpy in the morning - hello! I was in a great mood until your ill behaved devil child started having a tantrum. (This happened to me on my flight to New York in August as well, but no way was I going to give up my seat, that I had booked 24 hrs in advance, to some snotty kid. We made friends though, and she held my hand. Kids seem to like me, as does animals, for some strange reason.) (And Cinna, I apologize for defending your stepchild!) But because I'm now meditating again I didn't let the icky child really get to me, just a little evil emanating from my eyes its way, that all.

So yes, am back to my hippie ways and I must say that even though I only stated on Monday evening again I am already feeling an improvement. I can feel my chakras opening up dude, the energy flowing, and I am certainly less tired. (And now I need to get flairs, flowers in my hair, a joint, some acid and off I go...) I think Ginseng is working too - it's meant to make you concentrate better and since concentration difficulties is a by-product of the thing in my life I though I'd try something. However, I realise that I might be more bareable for the people in my life if I'm actually diluted, and a concentrated me might be a little too much. Hmmm. Let's see how I go...

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