Monday, March 30, 2009

To have or not to have

a personal trainer.

I’ve hummed and hawed about this topic previously – if a personal trainer is a good idea or just a waste of money. Back then though my motives for thinking about this was slightly untainted; back then it was all about if a personal trainer could help with motivation, get me fitter and faster quickly and whether or not I really wanted someone to annoy me by telling me what to do. After my experience in the gymnasium today during my lunch hour I am now again wondering if I should indeed get myself a personal trainer but this time for somewhat different reasons.

Let’s also cast our memories back to how much I’m against flirtation in the gym. I believe it’s wrong, the gym is not a place to grow acquaintances, friendships, finding a lady or man friend for any purpose and I personally hate men trying to chat me up while I’m running or whatever it is what I’m doing at the time. But hey, there’s men and then there’s this man.

This man, a man with perfect arms, an ass to die for, three day stubble, brown almost black eyes, of reasonable height and who I would bet several hundred on not running like a girl could be mine for half an hour once a week for a small sum of money. A personal trainer.

But this is where it gets complicated and the flirtation thing starts getting in the way of the objective. Firstly, I obviously would have to be in mega shape before hand. Then there would be the attire. No more three sizes too large t-shirts left over from the time of x, no more hair in any shape as long as it’s not in my face, no more who cares if the mascara is under my eyes – I’m here to exercise and I came straight from work. Instead there would have to be perfection. Something I’m not even good at when I don’t have my ex boyfriend’s t-shirt stuck to my body, pearls of sweet running down my face and red cheeks. Which I believe I have the right to be/have (tis in the constitution even) when I’m at the gym.

A girl my age needs her crushes, but as far as training goes I think I will continue without this perfect personal trainer and save my money for some other crush (like a pair of shoes! so much more fun and longer lasting that boys anyway!) But at least he might prove a temporary incentive to go to the gym even more often.

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