Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me & Jesus under the Full Moon

What is it with me and churches? Why is it that I don’t have a normal relationship with these buildings of worship? Instead I end up sleeping in them when I’m drunk and missed the last tube, or being threatened with the rage of angels if I don’t come and pray (I was busy snogging one of the elder’s son I’ll have you know!). And today.

So, I spent this evening in church. An amazing church at that. Gothic with arches and very old, and no less than three crucified Jesus crosses and one Mary and baby. I’ve always loved churches because they’re so beautiful, but I still believe that I don’t need a church to be close to ‘God’ or whatever we want to call it/him/her. Which is why I went to church this evening. I went to dance to find something inside me.

I know that this is going to make me sound even more hippie than ginseng and meditation and half of my friends will probably remove me from their list now. This is something I would expect Cinna to do, not me. But see, I’m learning. I’m becoming aware and enlightened, and I believe.

5 Rhythms Full Moon Dance is what I did this evening. I’ve wanted to go for a considerable time, but not until tonight did I manage to get someone to come with me (and I was too chicken to go on my own). The moon is in Virgo and this means it’s a healing moon – just so you know. The 5 rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, and to these you… move, dance, jump, whatever. It’s like a rave without the drunkenness and E (not that I’ve ever been to a rave or taken E for that matter but I have been known to frequent certain rock clubs in my days and, while drowning myself in the tipple of the evening, jump up and down to the likes of Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and all their friends) with Jesus watching you. During the chaos it was like the entire room was talking to him/her/it and in tongues, just vocalising by not actually using real words. You had to be there.

But this is all really about going back to basics. The shamans and tribes all over the world use dance as a way to communicate with spirits. Meditation has been around since the dinosaurs. And we are all a piece of this Universe. We are all a piece of each other, Energy. It’s all about what you have in you, be it god, spirit, soul or whatever. You can’t find the essential essence in other people, or in stuff. You have it inside you.

And now I ramble because there’s so much I actually want to say but I also want to take a shower and go to bed and not go to work tomorrow so I’ll stop here before it becomes completely disjointed.

I found my first Moon Dance amazing, calming, meditative, a great workout and I’m so going back next full moon!

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