Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pants, generals, pants and more pants

Not 4 yet but I feel a need to vent cos today has been pretty pants thus far.

Firstly, the General. The General that's now dead after facing the firing squad. Can't have that kind of pants general in charge of the troops! So got a new one. Turns out that General isn't much better. A bit whiny and soft. Doesn't really have the balls for a war or that look of wanting to kill in the white of the eye. So might just kill the second General too. And then sleep with the enemy.

Then it turns out I can't leave Woolwich Arsenal on a Sunday. This has happened before, but I thought that was a one off. Yeah I can understand that the rest of the world doesn't want the riff raff to get out on the day of the Christan Lord to pollute the street but I don't belong to them! I knew this was a bad idea. I LOVE my flat more than most things in this world, even more than most people, but I HATE Woolwich scum Arsenal. Outside the walls... Well you don't want to go there. And, as I noted the last time I got a 'little' tipsy (12 September 2008 - let's not talk about that!), it's impossible to get home after a night on the town. Good thing I no longer frequent drinking establishments with any regularity so therefore am not at risk of having to try to find my way home after 8pm when the trains stops for the weekend.

And as if these things weren't bad enough. There I am, in a coffee shop, with my EecPC working away, creating some very good stuff about something you can read when the novel is finished and published, and then the EecPC turns out to be a piece of crap like everything else I own - my iPod, the Flamingo, my flat - all the things I love basically (and I could actually put the x on this list too come to think about it, though here it would be a big loveD). So now I don't feel like writing anymore, and I don't like it even though it's cute.

So I came back home. And now I'm considering if I should be in a bad mood or not over today, but it seems like so much effort. Both to make the decision and to be in a bad mood. PANTS!

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