Saturday, June 15, 2013


My mentor has set me up with a man. 

No, not like that. Another writer who she has worked with. She thinks he's a good editor and writer and we can work together to further our novels. He's at the very start of his; I'm somewhere in the middle of my novel. Or the lowest circle of novel writing hell. 

I'm meeting him next week. He sent me his first chapter on Wednesday. I am ashamed to say I haven't looked at it yet because I'm so wrapped up in me things (like getting unhealthily skinny - see my new blog for that and other non-writing related antics) and work is taking way too much time and energy. 

I passed on my chapter 6 to him because I know I'm rewriting the entire first chapter and more work is needed to get the others in shape, whereas chapter 6 and 7 are, like, done. (Note that my chapters are all very long - 4500-6000 words - so chapter 6 is already a fairly long way in.) 

But I have to write a synopsis.

So I have actively spent today doing nothing. Structured procrastination. But enough already, right? I have therefore taken myself to the much despised Starbucks where I've sat down to write my synopsis. I reckon it could be a good way anyway of getting my thoughts into some sort of comprehensive cohesive way forward. 

Frankly, I think I'm in this place though, this lowest circle of writing hell, because I listened too much to my mentor and her take on what I had to do with my protagonists. M is totally fucked - nothing like I had planned. And how can I write a character I'm not feeling? So.

It's not back to the drawing board - it's onwards and upwards. And the deadline is still September 10. I'm going to finish the synopsis now, start writing M the way she's supposed to be, and let's hope it rains for the next two months (before I go away to write for a month) so I can stay inside and write. Drunk.  

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