Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For my next trick...

Yes, I have another one up my sleeve. Actually, I have more than one but one at the time. And I should finish off the edits on my first of course. And I will. I have time set off to do that and to sort of the synopsis the week after next. Luckily I know a cupboard where I can find solace during this evil task, even though I should probably heed Hemingway's wise words and continue to edit sober.

But once it's out there I can start on my next one. Although I have two short stories I really want to write before that... Time. There's not enough time!

And my next one is pulling at me, enticing me with the articles I had emailed to me after my consultation last Thursday. (It was an interesting consultation, which will most definitely require a mention by my biographer.) I want to start putting pen to paper (metaphorically of course - I mean I want to get a new laptop) and shape my protagonists' lives, worlds, hearts and heads. Mess them up real good.

It's so exciting to be back here again. At the start of a new project, looking at a page that already has its first sentence on it. I just hope I remember this excitement in 6 months time, or 8 months time, when I am tired and hate my novel and the only thing I want to do is burn it.

I'll be sure to keep you lucky sods posted!

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