Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"Chapter 1"

Holy fuck! So I just wrote "Chapter 1" under the title of my novel. I'm sending it out to my writing group so I thought I'd clarify that it's the first chapter. (Normally I never number my chapters (probably because I never get far enough along before OH SHINY!) or name them.) I already have most of the chapter so it's not even on a blank page but the psychological reaction was stunning.  Because "Chapter 1" is like the most fucking awful thing EVAH to write! It immediately sends you into a cold sweat and it's like you're all of a sudden incapable of stringing letters together to make up words, never mind sentences. What lies before you is a never ending amount of pages to fill and it all starts with "Chapter 1"... Just thinking that combination makes me want to defenestrate myself. Which would be kinda pointless since I don't live that far off the ground but all the same. PANIC!

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